Selected Publications

On-site BIM-Enabled Augmented Reality for Construction
Proceedings of the 2020 DigitalFUTURES
Chernick, A., Morse C., Menard, D., Li, T., London, S., and Cerone, J. (2020)
Interactive Design to Fabrication - Immersive Visualization and Automation in Construction
Construction Robotics
Morse, C., Martinez, E., Richardson, P., Wynter, C., and Cerone, J. (2020)
Interactive Facade Detail Design Reviews with the VR ScopeBox
ACADIA 2019 Conference Proceedings
Morse, C. and Solous, F. (2019)
Sound Space: An Interactive VR Tool to Visualize Room Acoustics for Architectural Designers
ACADIA 2019 Conference Proceedings
Gehron, L., Chernick, A., Morse, C., Naumovski, S., and Ren, Z. (2109)
Sound Space: Communicating Acoustics Through Interactive Visualization
IEEE GEM Conference Proceedings
Morse, C., Naumovski, S., Chernick, A., Gehron, L., and Ren, Z. (2019)
Power Generation and Visual Comfort Performance of Photovoltaic Toplighting Technologies in Transient Spaces
IBPC Conference 2018 Proceedings
Novelli, N., Andow, B., Overall, S., Aly, M., Morse, C., and Matalucci, B. (2018)
vSpline: Physical Design and the Perception of Scale in Virtual Reality
ACADIA 2017 Conference Proceedings
Arnowitz, E., Morse, C. and Greenberg, D. (2017)

Conference Talks

Augmented World Expo 2022
Florida AIA 2021
Digital Futures 2020
Unity Unite 2019
XRDC 2019
nVidia GTC 2019
Tech+ 2019
Chaos Group Vray Days 2018